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If you’re thinking of renovating your residential or commercial property, upgrading your home or merely have a love for design and architecture, we are a leading architectural firm to assist you with your plan and to keep up to date with current breakthroughs in the world of design and architecture. We believe in Design, Creativity, and Innovation.


Architecture Floor offers a clear technical vision and works with you to find an architecture solution that integrates new technologies and designs through a comprehensive evaluation.


With a team of experts, Architecture Floor helps you identify a great source of inspiration to build an edifice of your dreams. We plan and specify designs with the help of powerful tools and a broad selection of architectural elements.


The layout of the building influences the whole outlook of the edifice. We build by recognizing the need for primary conditions of design and architecture.

Who We Are

We Design and Bring Buildings to Life!

Welcome to the Architecture Floor, a team of well trained and multi-talented architects working under the very talented Jitendra Aeran. Jitendra Aeran is a graduate from IIT Roorkee with a passion for creativity and innovation in the field of Architecture. He truly believes in the transformative power of illustration, design, and architecture. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and training in Rovereto, Italy along with more than 3 and a half years experience in Airport, Metro, Commercial, Hospitality, health, and High-rise Building in Delhi office, he is good to go with his own firm. With credence in design and collaboration, Architecture Floor is all excited to start a visual dialogue and build something beautiful together.

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We are consistently working to think out of the box to ease housing and urban challenges in 2019. The firm's work varies from architecture, master plans, and interiors, to product layout and furnishings. With experience in every major sector, we specialize in Residential, Retail, Institutions, Commercial, Leisure, Medical Centres, and Office Design. We have designed and dedicated ourselves to research and construction of innovative ideas with our very own unique brand of sensual modernism.

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